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Are you ready to bring your heart centered business and sacred creations into sovereign alignment with God's Law? 


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A Mystery School 

is a spiral path of healing, awakening, and embodying the teachings to fuel the evolution of consciousness.

ArborVitae Mystery School offers wisdom teachings through a membership and a series of courses. Learn metaphysics, energy medicine, inner alchemy and soul evolution, along with practical strategies and lawful structures for cultivating vitality and sovereignty while navigating this wild Earth walk.

Allow these lessons to support you to discover, nurture and embody your gifts, deliver your mission, and be a blessing in the world, as we learn to steward the New Earth in Sovereign Unity.

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I'm Natalie,

and I live a medicine journey. The events of Life and signs from the natural world inspire deep listening for the most aligned path. This practice guides my life and the teachings offered through ArborVitae Mystery School.

I work with sensitive folks, evolutionaries, and stewards of the New Earth, because I am these things too. I teach from experience.

Daily praise, and blessing this beautiful Earth walk, evokes authentic gratitude and a deep sense of connection. Balancing reverence with a sense of humor and playfulness keeps it real.

More About Natalie

"Natalie has had a profound influence on my personal growth in the last 5 years. It has been quite a revelation to shed light on deeper layers of my unconscious patterning in order to be able to work with not just the shadow side, but also the gifts of my essential nature.¬†I can‚Äôt speak highly enough about this work ‚ÄĒ it has been a game changer."¬†

~ Jess

Self-knowledge is the foundation of aligned creation.

One of the foundational lessons Of ArborVitae Mystery School is self-awareness. It's important to know where we are, in order to create our becoming. Learning to track oneself, the actual needs we have, and how to meet them is essential.

Self-care must be a priority.

Tending to our emotions and physical well-being is fundamental to serving from a resourced place and building a sustainable life. Join the FREE New Paradigm Leadership 10-Day Bootcamp to establish a strong foundation to support your mission.

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  "Three and a half years ago Life directed me to begin studying with Natalie. Since our time together began, I have experienced more growth, embodiment and return to essence than I truly ever believed was possible. The way that Natalie has shown up in her authenticity, service, and pure heart are unparalleled from any teacher, instructor, or mentor I have ever worked with. Her willingness to stand in her vision fully has inspired and empowered me in ways that continue to bring me, in an ever unfolding spiral, more and more home to myself. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to continue learning from such a gifted human. Deepest gratitude."

Tend the soil to nourish the roots, 

nourish the roots to bear good fruits