Make Your Own Flower Essences

Learn the simple and practical steps to making your own flower essences. Find emotional freedom with this affordable and profoundly supportive energy medicine that is available to everyone!


Empower Yourself ~

There is medicine all around us! Receive theĀ goodness of the natural world to alleviate suffering and unlock potential gifts.

Flower essences are key players in a journey of healing and becoming whole. They effect every layer of being, gently moving us along the evolutionary spiral. Resolve patterns that aren't serving and set yourself free.

Connect with the natural world as you learn to make your own remedies. Learn to listen and receive the wisdom offered by the flowers, and the practical steps to making effective vibrational medicine for yourself and your community, even in the city.Ā 

Buying essences or kits is a great option, or you could make a nominal investment in supplies, and grow your apothecary indefinitely!!

If you're drawn to medicine making and vibrational remedies, this course is for you.

The Course


  • Introduction and history
  • How do they work?
  • Supply list & resources
  • Guided meditation
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • How to make them
  • How to take them
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Blessings on your way!