Establishing Trust

Own Nothing & Thrive Like the  Sovereign Creator You Are

Bring your Sacred Business into Sovereign Alignment with a Private Express Irrevocable Trust

Access the power of Private Express Trusts that the ultra-rich have used for centuries to build and preserve generational wealth.

You've heard the Rockefeller quote, "Own nothing and control everything"? Well, it's time to bring the power back to the people, and knowing the rules of the game makes this possible! Trusts can engage in commerce, just like an individual can, and without the restrictions put on a corporation. Trusts are stronger than wills and can keep your assets out of probate. Trusts are private, therefore the inner workings can be kept in confidence. Becoming a Trustee requires you to step into sovereignty and responsibility, while providing a level of power and freedom rarely found elsewhere.   

Claim your authority as a creator being, made in the image of the One Infinite Creator.

You have the capacity to author your own life. Conventional revocable trusts are typically created by the Grantor role. Irrevocable Express Trusts are more flexible and can be initiated by the one stepping into Trusteeship. Trustees manage the assets held in Trust for the benefit of the Beneficiaries. The Beneficiaries must be named within the Trust but they don't need to know, or have anything to do with the management of the Trust. Beneficiaries can include family members, friends, charitable organizations, other trusts or entities, whole communities, and even Mother Earth.

Take a journey deeper into your life.

Materiality is temporary, and it's all God's anyway. Hand it back now and step into power and freedom. Creating a Trust and moving from ownership to stewardship can activate big magic and deep healing in your life. This process has us ask questions such as: Am I good with God? Do I trust myself to be responsible and sovereign? Do I trust Life? Who do I serve? Who do I trust with my life and my legacy? Who benefits from my legacy? What is my legacy? Am I trustworthy to fulfill it? ... If you already know the answers to these questions then ...

this will be easy.

A multidimensional journey that lands you squarely on your lawful birthright to thrive in abundant prosperity on God's Good Earth

What am I getting into?



  • Governed under equity rather than statutes
  • Nature limits actions rather than legislature
  • Liability is limited by Trust constitution
  • Not required to obtain a business license
  • Not required to file reports outside of the Trust
  • Avoid federal excise and state franchise taxes
  • Pass assets to Beneficiaries privately,¬†avoid¬†probate
  • Navigate commerce,¬†as a free man or woman
  • Stand in sovereignty,¬†walk in truth, stay private


  • Understand¬†jurisdictions¬†(click here for a video)
  • Have a level of comfort with documents & computers
  • Obtain a separate mailing address for the Trust
  • Identify oneself as Trustee in all Trust actions¬†
  • Consider the Beneficiaries in all Trust actions
  • Keep clear records of Trust activity
  • Refrain from co-mingling funds
  • Protect the privacy of the Trust
  • Be trustworthy

You could hire an attorney to write your Trust...

but it's not recommended.

Attorneys like to write their interest into trust documents. In fact, lawyers are often named as Trustees in statutory revocable trusts, so they may even have an expectation of such an arrangement. Having sworn an oath to the crown makes all BAR attorneys servants of the old guard, whether they realize it or not. Leave old paradigm conventions where they belong (in the past!) and step into direct contract with Creator on your own authority. Write your own Private Express Irrevocable Trust with the templates provided in this clear, concise, self-paced course.


Besides, this is more fun.

Just the facts ma'am

Establish your Trust with ease! 24 digestible video lessons in 7 modules with clear action steps and document templates, all makes a complex process simple.

Everything you need to create, establish and steward your Private Express Irrevocable Trust in the 3D. We cover options for tax liability, banking in lawful money, private security agreements, and how trusts interact with other entities such as LLCs, Ministries and PMAs.

If you are secure in your finances and connection with Life, and simply want support with documents and Trust creation, this is all you need. See below for additional energetic support. 

Establishing Trust


Templates & Procedure

  • Select your public-facing entity (LLC, C-corp, S-corp, PMA, Ministry, Trust)
  • Choose your tax liability
  • Choose your grantor, beneficiaries and co-trustees
  • Write your Private Express Trust constitution
  • Open a trust bank account
  • Exchange¬†assets into Trust
  • Steward assets protected in Trust
  • Operate in the private
  • Be in the world but not of it
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What's in the Course?


‚óŹ A consciousness shift.


‚óŹ An energetic template for sovereignty in the private.


‚óŹ A position of "mind your own business, and have documentation if you need it."


‚óŹ There is no recommendation to "file" or "register" your Trust.


‚óŹ Multiple options for acquiring an EIN for banking purposes.


‚óŹ Step-by-step video guidance to lead you through the process of Establishing Trust.


‚óŹ Clear action steps for each lesson.


‚óŹ Get your questions answered in the Q & A in each lesson.

Module 1 ~ Getting Started

  • Considerations at the Beginning
  • Roles: Grantor, Beneficiary, Trustee, etc.
  • Types of Trusts
  • Trust Terms to Know
  • Strategies for Success

Module 2 ~ Public Entities

  • Choose Your Public-Facing Entity
  • EIN for Trusts

Module 3 ~ Establishing Trust

  • Trust Formation
  • Public Trust
  • Private Trust
  • Schedules
  • Addenda
  • Certificates

Module 4 ~ Banking

  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Banking in Trust

Module 5 ~ Liens

  • Private Security Agreements
  • UCC-1 Filing

Module 6 ~ Transfers & Acquisitions

  • Exchange
  • Assignment
  • Purchase
  • Autos
  • Real Estate

Module 7 ~ Living as a Trustee

  • Organization & Record Keeping
  • Stewarding Assets

Resource Library

  • Document Template Library
  • Extra Resources

Q & A in Every Lesson

  • Ask your questions and receive timely answers
  • Access previous Q & A
  • Receive support in Establishing Trust


See you inside!


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