Did You Come to Earth with a Mission?

Is it still a mystery to you, or has it revealed itself in specificity? Are you compelled by awakening, creativity, sovereignty, freedom, and inner power? What can we create here when we really lean in? Let's find out!

I'm Natalie and my path of discovery has included synchronicity, medicine, initiation, heeding callings, the right teachers at the right times, copious study, inner work, integration, and supporting others on their journeys of healing and awakening.

The path of a medicine woman is one of continuous becoming, and I have been on it all my life. Brewing potions and making flower 'perfume' were favorite activities of childhood, the Earth Medicines were always calling...

Initiated early, I had my first experience of the 'connectivity of everything' on mushrooms, at barely 16 years old. Herbalism soon became a focus, followed by flower essences, yoga, and eventually energy work and homeopathy.

All of these beautiful tools support the journey of healing, awakening, embodiment and integration that many of us must traverse in order to bring our gifts through in service. Healing is a multidimensional process of unification, or becoming whole. We can approach from any level — body, mind, spirit, individual or collective — or all at once.

My practice of energy work since 2010 provides the foundation for all of the offerings of ArborVitae Mystery School. I offer the lioness' share of this wisdom in the Mystery School Membership, the doors open at Spring Equinox 2024.

Holding ceremony for others since 2018 has prepared me to share my embodied wisdom in The Medicine Path series. Volume 1 of The Medicine Path offering includes guest presenters, and will become available in aligned timing.

On the heels of a decade plus of 'inner sovereignty' work, 2022 brought many opportunities for discovering what I now call 'outer sovereignty' work — and I'm so excited to synthesize this information and share it as support for the transition of our society. Check out Establishing Trust, the step-by-step course to establish your Private Express Trust to learn more. 

Plenty of experimentation, edge walking, center finding, deep diving and alchemizing in the fire of transmutation has fortified my capacity to be a fierce stand for anyone who chooses to receive my medicine. I work with sensitive folks, awakening ones, and stewards of the New Earth, to support you to walk in truth and be a blessing in this world. I want your essence shining through! And I want your mission fully delivered in support of the collective evolution that is quickening on planet Earth. It's time to reclaim this ship — let's land it!!

Partnering with nature, with the Tree of Life, with Earth Medicines, and the Earth herself, has been my greatest support and teacher — I love sharing what I've learned with you. Join the AVMS circle to receive beneficial content directly to your inbox.